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Suprema – BioEntry W

Product Codes: BEWHOC (Prox), BEWIOC (iCLASS SE), BEWMOC (Mifare)

Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint IP Reader


Designed for Simplicity, Superb Engineering

The Suprema BioEntry Plus/W exquisitely blends the benefits of a next generation distributed IP system with the high level security provided by biometrics. Engineered by the World’s leading biometric experts, the BioEntry Series offers unrivaled quality with exceptional engineering. BioEntry W takes the series one step further by encasing a world renowned product into an IP65 vandal resistance housing and adding PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities. It is truly the ultimate for outdoor biometric access control systems.

Powerful 533MHz DSP

Its powerful 533MHz DSP gives BioEntry Plus/W the ability to deliver fast matching speeds and rapid responses while providing an exceptionally low error rate. This powerful processor is capable of handling the large amounts of data required for fast and accurate fingerprint matching as well as ensuring uninterrupted device operations.

Distributed IP Access Control System

BioEntry Plus/W provide both reader and controller functionalities in one device. One device can scan ID data, manage users and control access from the edge of a system. This will not only allow for a simple localized setup, but it will also improve system stability by eliminating a single point of failure that can affect the entire system. As BioEntry Plus/W also have networking capabilities, they can become part of a larger network via one of its various interfaces.

Versatile Interfaces - Extra Flexibility

BioEntry Plus/W come with not only a TCP/IP interface, but also the more traditional interfaces (RS485, Wiegand) to provide higher flexibility and multiple installation options for different environments. BioEntry Plus/W also come with 2 internal inputs and 1 internal relay output to control peripheral devices. The I/O ports can also be extended using the Secure I/O accessory device.

Suprema Algorithm

Suprema's world renowned fingerprint algorithm lies in the heart of every BioEntry Plus/W. The highly sophisticated algorithm has been recognized by both FVC and NIST MINEX and was proven to be one of the fastest and most accurate algorithms in the world.

IP65-rated Waterproof Structure

BioEntry W has been completely sealed against invasive moisture, dust and even liquids. Featuring its superb IP65-rated protection, meticulous sealing, combined with extra protective engineering, it ensures faultless operation under any outdoor installation.  

Vandal Resistant Housing

The BioEntry W is the first of Suprema’s product line to come with a robust vandal resistant housing. Using a special AVS plastics the BioEntry W is able to withstand a high level of impact making it the idle for outdoor applications.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

BioEntry W is equipped with a PoE module allowing the device to be powered and controlled through just one Ethernet cable. A PoE system allows for a very quick and easy installation.

Product Specifications

For full product and software specifications, click here to view the PDF chart.

Specification    BioEntry W   BioEntry Plus
Sensor   Optical   Optical / Capacitive
PoE   Yes   No
IP Rate   IP65 (Outdoor)   No
Vandal Resistant      Yes   No
Dimensions   50 x 172 x 42 mm (W/H/D)     50 x 160 x 37 mm (W/H/D)  
RF Card Option   13.56MHz Mifare/DesFire   125kHz EM, HID Prox.
13.56MHz Mifare/DesFire
13.56MHz iClass/Felica


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