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Commercial Correspondence

A) Keep for a minimum of five years customer identity records, account records, commercial correspondence and records of financial operations enabling a transaction to be reconstructed or concluded
However, Commercial Correspondence, Press Releases, Advertisements and Marketing Texts also make up my expertise.
Teaching French for Specific Purposes in class of French Foreign Language. The example of commercial correspondence.
the price obtainable for the compensating products on the third-country market, as ascertained from commercial correspondence or other information
Commercial correspondance and negotiation of license agreements with writers, publishing companies, music labels and collecting societies (GEMA, GVL). Monitoring of sound and music regarding protection of agreement interests.
As well, the September 18, 1991 examinations in commercial correspondence, bookkeeping and typing II must have involved preparation throughout the summer.

B) Customer identification records, account files and commercial correspondence for the entire period in which the customer has held an active account with the institution and for five years following termination of the relationship between customer and institution, with a view to ensuring that documentation is kept up to date

C) To maintain for a minimum period of five years records of their customers' identity, books of account, commercial correspondence and financial operations so as to enable a transaction to be reconstructed or concluded.”
In addition, Customs Department officials have the right to conduct external verification and monitoring and to request information on bills of lading, merchandise declarations, commercial correspondence, contracts, account ledgers and any other documentation relating to customs or non-customs operations, and to confiscate them on behalf of any body having jurisdiction over the customs operation in question
Clicking the “send” button implies that you recognise that the personal information and data you are sending are your own, exact and true and that you expressly grant your consent to your data being used to dispatch commercial correspondence by electronic mail, or by any other means.



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